Utility Work 


WAM General Contractors Inc. handles a wide range of underground domestic and fire supply services. Repairs, Replacements and New Installations on residential and commercial water services. 


WAM General Contractors Inc installs and repairs both gravity and pressure sewer systems to your residential or commercial property. 



Every Septic system is different and WAM General Contractors specializes in installing and repairing septic systems to match their exact design demands to keep your system working smoothly and problem free.  Working closely with engineers to achieve the maximum design life out of your system.


Subsurface and surface run off can cause extensive damage and can be an inconvenience if not adequately controlled. WAM General Contractors Inc. installs and repairs numerous styles of drainage systems. Sump pump drainage, foundation perimeter drainage, catch basins, downspout collections, trench drains, dry wells, infiltration systems, etc. 

Utility Trenching

WAM General Contractors Inc. can handle utility trenching for private electrical and plumbing needs. 

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